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It’s common once the cold season rolls around, or when an unexpected cold snap is flagged in the weather news that people start to worry about their furnaces and whether they are still in good condition. There are countless homes throughout Nevada with out-dated furnaces that really should be replaced, however, even though they are costing their owners more money every year until they break down they are often left unattended to.

Those who recognize the possibility to save seek out furnace replacement services. Here in Henderson NV, the most trustworthy and reliable local team to call upon in this regard is right here at Cubical Air LLC. 

We have served our clients since 2014 under this banner and with 20 years of experience under our belts, it stands to reason why so many people recommend us when their friends, families, and colleagues need a go-to professional that can do the job competently and at an affordable rate.


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Replace AC Furnace

Nevada residents know better than most exactly what it feels like when their heat pump stops working and their ability to switch on the warm or cold air is gone. Things get very uncomfortable, very quickly.

However, it does not need to get to this point and with proper preparation, it’s possible to find a great deal and plan your heater replacement to take place at a time that suits you best.

Many different factors must be taken into consideration before you settle on a system that will serve you best. Everything from the size of your home to your energy preference will make a difference.

One thing is certain, however, and that is, new, modern furnaces are smaller and much more energy-efficient than the huge older models that can still be found in many homes and businesses across the country.

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How to Know if Your Furnace Needs to Be Replaced

At The HVAC Guys LV, we have serviced and installed thousands of furnaces throughout our careers.

This gives us a level of insight into what can be expected from different brands and models, as well as knowledge about just how long a furnace will last.

We have found that modern models that are installed today are more likely to have a lifespan of between 20 and 30 years. However, one thing to bear in mind is that the level of use will have a considerable impact on wear and tear. 

Those that are wondering whether their system is at the end of its furnace cycle are advised to keep tabs on its efficiency standards once it reaches 15 years of service. At this point, while the system will most likely still operate satisfactorily, its best years are behind it and it requires a greater level of maintenance and care if it is expected to last many more years.

Previous clients scheduled annual tune-ups with our specialists and changed the filters every three to six months to ensure that they benefitted from the same degree of air quality and comfort in their homes all year round. 

If you have noticed that your furnace is noisy and that this is a recent occurrence or something that has gradually become worse over time, then now is probably the time to look into replacing it. Furnaces that emit a rattling noise have often become compromised as a result of loose screws, unsecured ductwork, or the motor may not be properly balanced anymore. 

Other common noises that should serve as a red flag to clients include popping noises when the temperature changes.

The internal parts are responsible for this and are responding directly to the swings in temperature, which should not happen. A screeching noise often indicates that a motor is damaged.

This may only require replacement, but if what is now a screeching sound was once a hum, then this indicates that things have gotten worse and it’s time for a change.

Here at Cubical Air LLC, one of the most common complaints that we hear from residents and commercial property owners in Las Vegas Nevada is that their energy bills have been steadily increasing over time.

Granted, a bad energy plan will cost you more, but if you can see no reason why your bills should be higher, then this may be as a result of your furnace laboring to heat or cool your spaces and using more energy while achieving sub-par results.

Henderson NV residents request furnace replacement every year as a result of skyrocketing energy bills.

If you are noticing an upward trend in this regard combined with your furnace continually breaking down or requiring repairs, then now is the time to take the initiative and plan to acquire a more efficient, cost-saving alternative.

You know your home better than anyone else and you know what to expect when you turn on the heating or the cold air or expect from your taps when your system has been running.

So, if you recognize that the temperatures in rooms throughout the house are different, then your furnace or boilers may be to blame.

It could be rectifiable by a tune-up call, or, if it’s a little older replacement may be the best path forward.

How to Get the Most Out of Your New Furnace

There are a few simple ways to get more from your new furnace and protect it over time. Regular servicing is the easiest way to ensure that everything is running as it should be from one year to the next.

Our senior technicians here at Cubical Air LLC, know furnaces inside out and will quickly identify and rectify any issues they notice there and then.

You can personally change the filter every three to six months, which improves the efficiency of your furnace and will increase its lifespan.

The more clogged up the filters get, the less beneficial the presence of a furnace becomes. This is especially important for those whose homes are particularly dusty, or where a resident experiences respiratory issues.

Taking the time to seal gaps around windows and doors improves the performance of your furnace. Good insulation increases the comfort levels in the home and lessens the need for heating or cold air.

Clear air ducts and vents keep things properly ventilated.

Finally, only changing the thermostat when necessary is good practice, since frequent changes can prompt the furnace to activate and stay on longer than is required.

How Much Do New Furnaces Cost?

If you are faced with having to have a gas or electric furnace replacement then you will undoubtedly wonder about how much you will have to pay for the system and installation.

As mentioned above, the specifics of your property will determine the range of options that are open to you.

Our team is waiting by the phone if you want to give us a call to discuss the different systems that we can install, and we can provide you with a quick quote too.

Gas furnaces are the most popular type and based on the national averages the cost of acquiring one is between $2,000 and $4,000.

The greater the efficiency rating, the higher the price, but again, other factors are taken into consideration.

Where installation is concerned, you can depend on us to quote you a better, more affordable rate than the bigger companies.

Once our work is complete, you will have a comfortable home with lower bills.

Electric furnaces are less efficient than gas, but given that they are a cheaper option many customers still favor them.

The price tag based on national averages falls anywhere between $1,900 and $2,500. It is worth factoring in the savings that could be made using gas as opposed to electric, however, there are also hybrid systems available that maximize efficiency by alternating between the two power sources.

Oil furnaces cost quite a bit more on average than both of the above. They are not as in-demand as they once were.

Clients that prefer this option should prepare to pay somewhere in the region of $5,800 to $6,300.

Granted, these are estimates and based on national averages, but if you want the most accurate prices based on today’s market, then give us a call and we’ll provide you with a quote.

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I thought it was the condenser coil that was causing problems but the guys did a thorough inspection and found that it was the blower that was out. They could have charged me to do both as I would have known no different but that’s not what these guys are about.

Great to still find some honest contractors operating in LV.


We called Ramon to get a quote for a pretty big commercial job we had on-going in Green Valley. All of the units in my rental properties needed to be repaired – we have 24 properties.

He was super transparent on the phone and offered to come out and give us a free quote. He came out, assessed the situation and gave us a quote that came in under other estimates I received.

I knew he was the guy for the job as he talked me through everything and was confident in his ability for a fast turnaround. 

I hired him there and then and let’s just say he delivered! Great prices, amazing customer care and no problems with the standard of work carried out. Thanks guys. I know who to call next time. 


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If you need furnace replacement in Henderson NV, then you will find plenty of high-priced, named businesses offering their services. However, opting to enquire with the local, family-owned and operated business that has a sterling track record and consistently delivers a more affordable service to their clients could save you a lot of money and reward you with a superior furnace solution.

If you are experiencing humidity problems in your home and you believe the problem lies in your old furnace then give us a call. We can drop out and assess the system first to determine whether a simple repair will get you back on track. However, if something integral to its operation has gone bad, such as the heat exchanger, then replacing the part may be more expensive and less economical in the long run than replacing the entire system.

Rest assured, with our assistance you benefit from a team renowned for its trustworthy approach to business. We won’t try to sell you anything that you don’t actually need and you can depend on us as your go-to, local furnace specialists for everything you need going forward. 

So, pick up the phone and give us a call to inquire about how we can help you achieve maximum comfort in your home. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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